SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — One organization is helping people in Siouxland keep an eye on the latest scams.

Redeemer Lutheran Chuch in Morningside hosted representitives from AARP Iowa and the Iowa Attorney General’s Office for a program educating the elderly on scams.

Many of today’s scams can be perpetrated from anywhere in the world and target the elderly because they have larger life savings.

The biggest “tip” they give to identifying a scam is if they target your emotions, want you to do something immediately and ask for payment in hard to track ways like cash, checks or gift cards.

“They may threaten you or something like that and legitimate businesses, legitimate people don’t do that. They don’t threaten you, they don’t want you to pay them with gift cards, they don’t want you to do wire transfers and there’s not a sense of urgency,” said Neil Shultz of AARP Fraud Watch.

AARP Fraud Watch also ask that Siouxlanders continue to alert authorities to what scams are happening so they can warn others.