Orange City’s Tulip Festival in full bloom for 2021

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ORANGE CITY, Iowa(KCAU) – After a year without flowers, things are back in bloom this year up in Orange City.

“I’m excited that things like this are coming back and were able to do things like this again,” Jennifer Cowell said.

For many Siouxlanders, the Tulip Festival is more than just that, it’s a tradition.

“I remember coming over as a kid and watching everybody do the dances and I’m looking forward to sharing that experience with my daughter that I had as a kid. Just passing on the tradition of being able to do stuff like this every year,” Cowell said.

This year will mark the 80th Tulip Festival, where folks from around Siouxland come to celebrate their Dutch heritage.

Mike Hofman, the Executive Director for the Orange City Chamber of Commerce, said the festival won’t look much different from years past.

“There may be some protocols in place for certain buildings. Some may be requiring mask some may strongly recommend masks throughout the community so it’s just going to depend a little bit on where folks are going and what they want to see,” Hofman said.

Hofman said they haven’t experienced any supply shortages and activities will go on as normal.

“Starting on Wednesday night, actually, we have a car show that happens along with the carnival ride night. Thursday, Friday and Saturday, there’s two parades a day. One in the afternoon, one in the early evening,” Hofman said.

Some Siouxlanders said because the festival was canceled in 2020, this year will feel extra special.

“This year will just mean a lot more to people because not only will the festival be back to normal, but also we’ll be able to get together again and have an event and be able to be close to people again, that’s huge, so this year will definitely be a symbol for not only Dutch heritage but overcoming a huge problem,” Martina Hoogland said.

The festival starts on Thursday and will continue through Saturday. Make sure to tune in later this week for live coverage from this year’s festivities.

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