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Massachusetts kid hit in eye by drive-by paintball shooting

BROCKTON, Mass. (WCVB) - In Brockton, Massachusetts, a 12-year-old was hit in the eye by drive-by paintball shooting.  

"I saw him but he didn't even say anything. He just kept driving," said Cody Hilts. "He heard me screaming and then he went faster"

Cody Hilts remembers seeing his attacker before being overcome by pain.

"It felt weird, like it didn't even hurt at first. It was like numb," said Cody.

The 12 year old was outside with friends next to his Brockton home early  Monday evening when a black Acura pulled up and apparently targeted children with a paintball gun.

Cody's mom, Cassandra, said, "He was screaming. I heard this blood curdling scream and I didn't know what was going on"

Cody's injuries are serious. Doctor's at Children's Hospital told his mother he has a dislocated retina and scratched cornea, the result of blunt force trauma. Surgery is still a possibility.

"For the rest of his life he's going to have to go back to Boston ophthalmology department checked every 6 months to a year for the rest of his life," said Cassandra.

Brockton Police are investigating two other incidents the very same day and believe the same people are firing paintballs at innocent residents. A woman was hit on Summer Street. Two men were stuck near North Warren and Loucraft Avenues.

This soon to be 8th grader has a lengthy road to recovery, and his attitude will help.

"Shame on him. He shouldn't be doing that. I guess he's just trying to find attention, but karma will get him," said Cody.

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