Parents all over Siouxland are sharing warnings on social media this week about the Momo Challenge, a disturbing figure targeting children online.

Authorities say this scary figure and challenge have been around for some time, with reports of the Momo Challenge encouraging kids to harm themselves or others. Google and YouTube releasing a statement Wednesday saying they haven’t seen any recent evidence of videos promoting the challenge.

Whether the Momo Challenge may be back or not, local educators say they always take preventative measures to keep kids safe online.

“We’ve blocked the youtube website so that they don’t have access to that here at school, but it’s just a matter of educating our students and the parents as far as internet safety,” Nelson Wilson of Siouxland Christian Schools said.

Wilson says he hopes the new discussion of this challenge will encourage more parents to talk to their kids about safety online.

He says the Momo Challenge isn’t the only scary thing targeting kids on the internet, so it should be just a part of a larger conversation about online education.

“Letting your kids know the dangers of what is out there with anything on the internet for that matter. Again YouTube, and I use it as a coach, it’s a great tool if it’s used for its purpose,” Wilson said. 

Over the past few days, many parents said they’ve deleted the YouTube app from their kid’s electronics in an effort to protect their kids.

But from video games to cell phones and social media, there are many ways your children could be targeted by similar disturbing schemes.

It’s why Nelson says it’s so important to teach our kids to be safe and smart with technology.