One year later: George Floyd’s murder leaves impact on nation, Siouxland

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(KCAU) — George Floyd’s death sparked controversy and the video of his death was played out on national TV, sparking outrage, but 365 days later, the nation and the Siouxland community continues the fight for equality and police reform.

On May 25, George Floyd was murdered on the streets of Minneapolis.

Just days later, cities across the country began filling with protestors, fighting for police reform and equality within communities

“That was the turning point. People finally had enough,” said Monique Scarlett.

Protests erupted in at least 140 cities across the U.S. The national guard was called in at least 21 states.

In many places, activists continue the fight. The Sioux City Police Department says they are constantly and actively seeking ways to improve their policies and policing procedures.

“We can certainly see, the frustration from what citizens had with seeing that video, it was a horrific video, it’s hard to watch, and a lot of times people don’t know where to channel that energy,” said Chief Rex Mueller

Monique Scarlett is the founder of Unity in the Community. She said she’s seen the youth in Siouxland become inspired by the events nationwide, taking an active role.

“One thing that stuck out to me was our young people became involved. They no longer wanted to sit back, they actually got out in the streets with their signs, very vocal about how they felt,” Scarlett said.

And overall, she’s noticed a difference in the way neighbors treat each others.

“I’ve seen people hold each other to be more accountable, I’ve seen more transparency, I’ve seen communities come together, out of frustration and concern,” said Scarlett.

Mueller wants to make known, how much they value the communities thoughts and ideas on improving police relations.

“Departments like ours, honestly and openly seek input from citizens, we have forums, we invite people in, we try to get what their concerns are so we can adjust our department to fit them to address their concerns to have that open dialogue,” Mueller said. As we are coming out of this pandemic, we can kind of re-engage the people that might have been impacted in Minneapolis, re-establish trust.”

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