One month to go until crucial Iowa Caucuses

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How Woodbury County party leaders are preparing for the big day

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – As the candidate’s storm through the state in hopes of earning your vote, local party leaders are scrambling to find people to help cast them.

Woodbury County Democratic Party Chairman, Jeremy Dumkrieger says, “I think some people are excited. I’m getting stressed just working to make sure everything is right.”

Woodbury County Republican Party Chairman, Suzane Stewart says, “We need people to check them in, we need people to get them to their locations.”

The state is not involved in any of the caucus planning, that’s all left up to the individual parties. And with this caucus expecting record turnouts, each party is working to recruit hundreds of volunteers to help assist the thousands of potential voters.

Dumkrieger says, “We make phone calls, we do a lot of begging. A lot of pleading.”

For voters wanting to know how to prepare, Republicans can expect a lot of the same, but Democrats should be anticipating some major changes to the caucus system.

One of them is the use of presidential preference cards.

Dumkrieger says, “They’re sort of a receipt, not a ballot but a recipe that says who you caucus for. So we can trail if something goes wrong we can have a recount.”

Voters will also no longer be able to change candidates after one alignment.

“There’s no second realignment. So once you realign there’s not this back and forth constantly having to count people,” says Dumkrieger.

As for how to prepare in advance, both parties encourage voters to take advantage of Iowan’s unique opportunity to interact with the candidates face to face.

Stewart says, “You never know when that guy at the coffee shop might be the president”

And even though each party aligns with different candidates and different opinions, taking pride in being the first in the nation caucus state is something they both share.

Dumkrieger says, “It’s an hour of good hard democracy and if people want to be apart of history this is the time to do it.”

Stewart says, “It all starts here in Iowa. This is where you can make a difference.”

The 2020 Iowa Caucuses will be held on February 3, at 7 p.m. You can visit the Iowa Democratic Party and the Republican Party of Iowa websites to learn more about your nearest caucus and voter registration.

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