MACY, Neb. (KCAU) — In late 2019 the people of Macy made a decision to invest in their children’s future and with years of working through delays, supply chain issues, and a pandemic the vision has come to reality.

The Omaha Nation Public Schools held a grand opening for their new Against The Current Career Academy which is one of the first facilities of its kind built in reservation lands. The academy hosts 6 paths for students to hone their skills — construction, automotive, culinary, early childhood care, nursing and entrepreneurship. Each of which will not only be classrooms for the students but also serve the community with a daycare, store and coffee shop.

“I guess I just want them to see that our kids are really good kids, they have great qualities, they can be successful just like any other kid if just given the chance. I’m hoping to provide them with the chance with what we’ve built here at the school to be able to successful and be employable when they leave school,” said Stacie Hardy of Omaha Nation Public Schools

For the students of the programs, they tell KCAU 9 that this gives them hope for their tribe.

“Our youth are the next generation that coming up and they thought we need to prepare these kids and make sure they know, once our elders pass, that these kids are prepared to take on the roles and responsibilities that our elders have passed down,” said Margo Blackbird, Omaha Nation Sophomore

the academy has been open since February and cost a total of $18 million.