MOVILLE, Iowa (KCAU)– Hundreds of Siouxlanders made their way to Woodbury County Fairgrounds Saturday for a taste of fall.

For many years, the “Old Town Fall Fest” has brought joy to kids and parents alike. From picking your own pumpkin to playing a variety of kids games, there was something for everyone at the fairgrounds.

While having a fun family outing, attendees are also supporting a good cause.

“So this money that we fundraise here in old town today will be used for the next fair next year, and that’s how we get activities here such as the bubbles that a lot of kids enjoy during the fair,” said Rylee Vohs, a volunteer for Old Town Fall Fest.

While ‘Old Town Fall Fest’ officials don’t have a goal for donations, every cent helps and coordinators are thankful for the community’s help every year.