SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — If Siouxlanders do need to drive in the evening, there are some safety precautions they may need to take.

Iowa State Patrol Trooper Karey Yaneff said anybody on the road Wednesday night should leave a good amount of space between them and the person in front when they’re on the road. She also said make sure to take it slow if they need to get somewhere.

However, Yaneff has a warning if somebody happens to drive into a ditch.

“The biggest thing is we always worry about is people walking around with their cars and that’s potentially where other cars can slide in the ditch and potentially hit them too so people will be safer inside the cars if they sit there and patiently wait for law enforcement to assist them,” said Yaneff.

She urges anybody that gets stuck to immediately call 911 and stay in their vehicle until help arrives.