SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — UPDATE (12:30): According to a reporter at the scene of West 7th and Burton, officials have a potential suspect in a squad car for questioning.


PREVIOUS: Officials responded to a report of potential shots fired on Sioux City’s west side on Tuesday.

According to Community Policing Sergeant Thomas Gill, officers were called to the Goodwill on West 4th Street and they found a man whose truck had a shattered windshield.

Gill said that the victim was visiting his friends at a house on West 14th and Burton when an argument ensued.

The victim told officials that he was visiting from out of town to sell some jewelry when the altercation began. He stated that the friends he was visiting began to chase him out of the house and one of the subjects allegedly hit his windshield with a metal pipe.

Gill further explained that the victim was able to drive his vehicle to Goodwill, but while fleeing he told police that he thought he saw a gun in the hand of one of the subjects, and he thought there may have been a shot fired.

Gill specified that there has been no evidence found of a shot fired, and officials are interviewing the neighbors in the area.

There were no injuries resulting from the altercation, and officials do not have any of the subjects’ names at this time. Sergeant Gill stated that it is possible that the victim knows the names of the assailants, but may be afraid of retaliation.

This is an ongoing situation and will be updated as we learn more.