Northeast Nebraska communities waiting and watching as water rises.

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Widespread flooding in Pierce County

Wednesday’s record rainfall was too much for Osmond Nebraska’s levee to handle. Vehicles, businesses, and homes covered in water in the Osmond business district.  Several people in Pierce County sending us videos and pictures of the river flooding over bridges and roadways. Many people in Pierce fear the danger is not over.  “I Saw straw bales going down the river, and it’s still not safe yet. It could go over our the dike yet, we don’t know if we get more rain yet and all of that water is going to be coming from Osmond, so its a concern right now,” said Ross Sporleder. 

We’re told emergency responders in Pierce spent the day sandbagging and the auditorium and elementary gym were available to those who needed a place to stay.  

Many people are spending the night somewhere other than their own homes. Emergency shelters are in place at Tilden, Battle Creek, Newman Grove, Meadow Grove as well as Norfolk.  Norfolk emergency operations officials designating Lutheran High Northeast as a shelter.

For those able to remain at home, authorities are asking that folks reduce water use in an effort to take pressure off the cities waste water treatment plant.
But Norfolk Public Safety Director Shane Weidner says all eyes are on Pierce where a city levy is facing record water levels.

“The flood stage of their levee is forecast potentially above 17 feet which historically the highest we’ve seen on record in 1971 was 15.1 feet on that particular levy.  So 17 feet is a significant difference and they are in a battle right now so the thoughts and prayers have to go with Pierce right now, ” said Norfolk Public Safety Director Shane Weidner.  Emergency crews will be conducting levee patrols along the Elkhorn River throughout the Wednesday night.

Weidner also confirms that a pickup with 3 people inside was washed off a road north of Pierce County Wednesday afternoon.  A helicopter was called in to help with that rescue but no word tonight on the status of those 3 people.

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