NORTH SIOUX CITY, S.D. (KCAU) — One man’s plan to expand McCook Lake drew a capacity crowd to Monday’s North Sioux City Council Meeting.

Mike Chicoine is looking to build an 1,800 foot canal in an effort to add more lakefront property on the south side of McCook Lake .

Property owners on the north side of the lake are opposed to the idea, since it would reroute water from the already shrinking oxbow lake.

Dirk Lohry is president of the McCook Lake Association.

“This type of thing has never been done before. This is a very unique situation where we have a lake, that’s an oxbow lake, that has a potential for leeching, we have to pump water in to it. No other lake is like that and so putting in a canal is different than putting in any other lake,” said Lohry.

Chicoine did not speak during the meeting.

Council members acknowledged that there is a lot to learn before any official action is taken. Chicoine has reportedly started the process of aquiring the permits needed for the project.