North Dakota farmers haul hay to Nebraska flood victims

Local News

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – Monday morning, a convoy of farmers headed to Sioux City to complete the last day of their travels. Farm Rescue is helping farm victims in Nebraska impacted by the historic flood.

Before dawn, these farmers were up and getting ready for another day of driving, all for the sake of helping fellow farmers in Nebraska. 

“It’s just a small part. Like I said, it’s only eight loads, but it will go a long way to help people and you know to try to make things better and make their day for better for what they have all lost,” said Jeff Bertsch, the owner of a truck business. 

Eight trucks from North Dakota are delivering 250 bails of hay, hoping to offer physical and emotional help to those devastated by historic flooding back in March.

“To help bear one another’s burdens. You know we don’t know what it’s really like but just a little bit. To stand there and put your arm around them and cry together just helps bear that burden in the moment,” said Levi Wielenga, the equipment specialist for Farm Rescue. 

The hay is desperately needed because many Nebraska farmers lost the food stored for their livestock along with their pasture land. 

“It’s heartbreaking what is out there is like nothing we have ever experienced and hopefully never will personally experience, but these people are going through this right now and we need to help them,” said Carol Wielenga, the program director for Farm Rescue.  

They are helping out the way farmers do.

“Farm Rescue has always tried to be a hand up and not a handout. We are not giving away money. we are getting them through a small piece. We are helping them so they can get through to the next season a hand up,” said Carol Wielenga.

A lot of the hay on those trucks were donated by the farmers driving themselves. Giving away their own resources and time to help out others in need. 

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