NORFOLK, Neb. (KCAU) — Construction on the largest solar energy project in the state of Nebraska is approaching the finish line.

Norfolk Mayor Josh Moenning said when completed, the city’s solar farm will have more than 25,000 panels in place to capture the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity that can then be used by homeowners and businesses alike.

After years of organizing and working out the details, Moenning said the 8.5-megawatt solar farm will be fully operational in just a few weeks and that more than half of the shares of the project’s energy have already been purchased.

“And that comes with some cost benefits to consumers. Ultimately we estimate that the average household in Norfolk who participates in this program with a max amount of five shares can save about $15 to $20 on their monthly energy bills,” Moenning said.

The program is made possible through a 30-year partnership between Norfolk’s energy supplier, Nebraska Public Power District, and Sol Customer Solutions.

Moenning said there’s much more demand for solar energy these days, specifically from corporations.

“We think this is very forward-looking. A lot of businesses now are looking only for renewable sources, clean sources of energy and we’ll be able to accommodate them to a certain extent with this project and we’re hopeful we can develop more in the future,” said Moenning.

Moenning said he hopes this project will inspire other communities nationwide and will put Norfolk on the map as the “Green Energy Capital of Nebraska”.