NORFOLK, Neb. (KCAU) – Police in Norfolk are asking residents to be careful when out pumping gas.

“I thought it was a little unusual for Norfolk. I didn’t really expect it in Norfolk, but I guess it can happen anywhere,” said Rick Koinzan, Norfolk resident.

Rick Koinzan says he always pays for his gas inside the store.

“I have just heard for years that there could be a scanner, so I just don’t take the chance,” said Koinzan.

Norfolk Police have found scanners at four different gas stations, and are asking consumers to use caution and to monitor their accounts if they’ve paid at the pump recently.

“The hope is that we have been able to get to devices before that information has been stolen. However, we cannot be certain of that,” said Captain Chad Reiman, Norfolk Police Department.

The Norfolk Police Department said that there are two different kinds of scanners: one that goes over the credit card reader, and the other that goes inside.

The Norfolk PD found one that went inside, which makes it harder to detect.

Daney Loseke, manager at FastMart gas station, spent the morning checking his gas pumps.

“I went out and checked and I don’t see anything in ours. I went through and you can’t even get into ours because they are the new pumps and so we got different keys and stuff. So, I think everything should be good here,” said Loseke.

Loseke says they also have security cameras constantly patrolling the pumps, but it’s frustrating having to keep such a close eye.

“It’s getting ridiculous. If only they spent that much time on a job!” said Loseke.