MADISON COUNTY, Neb. (KCAU) — A Norfolk man who allegedly aided in the concealment of an illegal abortion was sentenced in court Tuesday afternoon.

According to court documents, Tanner Barnhill, 22, of Norfolk, was sentenced in Madison County Court to nine months of probation for attempted concealing the death of another person. Barnhill pleaded no contest to the charge on July 12.

Barnhill was also sentenced to 40 hours of community service to be completed within 180 days (around six months), court documents indicated.

Police said Barnhill aided Celeste Burgess, then 17, and her mother Jessica Burgess, 41, in burying the remains of a baby between April 22 and April 26 when Norfolk Police Division began their investigation. Officers found the remains that were originally believed to have been stillborn, but further investigations revealed both the mother and daughter planned to medically induce a miscarriage when the pregnancy was more than 20 weeks along, making it illegal in the state of Nebraska

Celeste Burgess, who recently turned 18, will be tried as an adult in district court.