NORFOLK, Neb. (KCAU) — As temperatures continue to warm up, yard and garage sales have begun to sprout. The City of Norfolk wants to remind residents how to properly set up sale signs.

The city said in a release that it’s understandable that people would want to get the word out about their sales, but remembering the requirements is just as important.

According to a release from the City of Norfolk, part of the city’s ordinance states that signs cannot be placed in any public right-of-way. This means signs cannot be placed in any park, terrace, roundabout, or on the grounds of public facilities. Additionally, the city said that signs cannot be placed in medians, on bridges, on utility poles, on traffic signal poles, or on any permanent roadway signs.

Requirements for residential areas state that signs must be smaller than eight square feet and cannot be taller than six feet.

Temporary signs must be placed in the front or side yard on the inside of the sidewalk or at least 25 from the road if there is no sidewalk. Signs must not be placed in a way that would obstruct someone’s view of traffic.

If your home is on a corner lot, the sign cannot be more than three feet tall or within 25 feet of an intersection.

Additionally, the city said to please ask permission before you place a sign on someone’s lawn that is not yours.

Any signs that are placed illegally will be removed by city officials and fines may be possible.

The city asks that when cleaning up your sale, to remember to remove any signs that were put up.