The US Justice Department has launched an investigation into zoning regulations in a northeast Nebraska community.
It comes after the city of Norfolk rejected plans by Our Savior Lutheran Church to move into a new location that used to be a Budweiser warehouse.
The city of Norfolk says churches aren’t allowed in industrial areas.
Our Savior Church leaders say they’ve tried to have a dialog with the city for over a year now, but have gotten nowhere. 
“Tell us where we’re wrong and we’ll choose a different direction if we have to,” says Jason Doele, Our Savior Lutheran Church.
Norfolk’s City Administrator says the zoning rules are in place to make the city as functional as possible and that the city is not concerned about the federal probe.
“I’m confident that the City of Norfolk has done nothing wrong. I don’t think it’s a matter of us doing something wrong. It’s just a matter of our zoning matrix and our zoning laws here locally. Shane Weidner, Norfolk City Administrator.
The city has 30 days to submit details of its zoning laws to the Justice Department for review.