SPENCER, Iowa (KCAU) — Residents of a Spencer trailer court have been living without power for almost a month after the city ordered residents to leave.

The residents of the mobile home park and Spencer city officials met in court to give testimony regarding an injunction against the city.

After more than four hours of discussion and testimony, mobile home residents and city officials still don’t know whether the power will be restored to the trailer court.

Mobile home residents as well as electricians and city officials shared their concerns with the power being cut.

Margaret George is a resident at the mobile home court. She said when the city cut the power, the trailer court became unsafe.

“There are overhead lights, security lights that would help us see in the dark and once they turned them off, people came in on a daily basis looting the trailers, trying to break into our houses,” George said.

Anna Harmon is an electrical inspector for the City of Spencer. She said when she visited the property, she was concerned about a low-hanging electrical wire.

“We drove by on June 9. That was when we saw from the road the low-hanging wire that was established as the temporary service and at that time we called SMU and said that’s far too low for a temporary service,” said Harmon.

Judge Shayna L. Mayer heard the court case. She said that she was not able to reach a decision.

“I’m going to have to take this matter under advisement. I am not an electrician. There is a lot of technical information that was presented to the court. I’m going to have to look through in addition to the exhibits,” said Mayer.

While there is no timetable yet for when the judge will decide if the power will be restored, another hearing is not excepted.