Newest mural on West 7th Street completed by world-renowned street artist

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – A mural on West 7th Street was completed after 11 days of work. The mural depicts three girls who represent the African-American, Southeast Asian, and Jewish communities and businesses that made West 7th Street corridor home over the years.

The artist of the mural, known as Royyal Dog, said the mural took more than 90 hours of work and 100 cans of spray paint to complete it.

“I usually do this thing, this concept. So I paint local people in a traditional Korean dress. But this time, it was different because there are so many diverse, there are so many different backgrounds that the people in town come from,” said Chan Yang Sim, who goes by ‘Royyal Dog’.

And, the new mural’s artist explained what it means to see his vision come to life.

“It was special to me because a lot of different types, and different people just came to me and then they say they just like it. So it means a lot to me and then, especially in this town, this painting looks more special. That’s just how I feel,” said Royyal Dog.

A Sergeant Bluff resident shared her reaction to seeing the art installation for the first time.

“It’s so bright and beautiful, I’m sure it’s catching peoples attention. I hope nobody wrecks because of it, but it’s beautiful,” said Sergeant Bluff resident Dona Jean Bures.

Royyal Dog said the connection his painting has with Siouxlanders is something he’s taken notice to.

“This morning, some guy showed up with his daughter. He said that they just put their dog down this morning. The father brought his daughter to this mural to make her feel better. I was like, ‘do I deserve this love?’ because the first thing he thought about for his daughter was to come to the mural and show her the mural. So I was like wow, this is strong. I kept thinking about it the whole day today. This is really special,” Royyal Dog said.

According to the City of Sioux City, the next mural will be installed in spring 2022 and will be completed by local artists.

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