SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — The Sioux City Police Department will soon have additional tools to crack down on speeding.

Funding for two traffic camera “kiosks” was approved by the city council recently. The cameras are expected to be up and running by this spring.

Sergeant Jeremy McClure said the kiosks are mobile and will be used in residential areas and school zones where numerous people have complained about speeding in their neighborhood.

“Speeding’s one of the number one complaints that we get through the year. Last year alone, we had 45 formal radar requests for neighborhoods. In addition to that, we constantly are approached by citizens asking us to look at speeders in the neighborhood,” said McClure.

McClure also said that, unlike red light cameras, the kiosks will be more noticeable to oncoming drivers.

“It’s gonna be well-marked and visible so our hope is that it drives the speed complaints down and gets people to comply with the law. If we don’t generate a dollar from fines from these cameras, we’re fine with that. We’d rather have people driving safely through these neighborhoods,” McClure explained.

Recordings are planned to be validated by police to ensure a violation actually occurred.

“A recording of that’s made and an officer reviews that to ensure that the violation occurred and that the person receiving the violation is deserving of it so again there is a human element to it, it’s not just an automated process,” McClure said.

McClure also said that the cameras were used on Interstate 29 when it was under construction and successfully reduced drivers’ speed and said that this was a factor considered when deciding to implement the new kiosks.