New technology mandate is a problem for some truck drivers

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LE MARS, Iowa (KCAU) — Electronic logging devices or ELD’s have been a requirement for all
truck drivers since 2015.

The ELD mandate made it mandatory that truck drivers do away with paper logbooks. While the intent is to make things easier for truckers, KCAU 9 spoke with a truck driver who said the change is actually causing them to have violations.

Byron Bramwell, a truck driver, said the system does have advantages but also leaves little room for discretion.

“It doesn’t give you lead way time. If it says I got 15 minutes of drive time left and I’m looking for a motel, and I can’t find a motel and I go to another one, well then I’ve got 5 minutes of drive time left well pretty soon I’m in violation,” said Bramwell.

He also said this can put truck drivers in dangerous situations that could cause them to pull over and sleep on the side of the road or anywhere close by, even if the area is not a safe area. 

“We need a lot more parking spots all across the country. I’m a city driver and I didn’t realize it was such a huge problem until I’ve been all over the country in the Share The Road truck, and we experienced the same problem,” said Bramwell.

Along with the addition of new technology are the changes in the tax code, which is also a concern for truckers.

Drivers used to receive per diem deductions on things like meals and other work-related expenses but now drivers told KCAU 9 the new tax code makes it necessary to take a standard deduction.

Fleets that delayed the transition from paper books have until this December 2019 to complete the changeover. 

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