SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – The Lewis and Clark Park is making some renovations for any Sioux City X’s fans that attend games.  

Sioux City Parks and Recreation reported that 700 new seats will be put in the lower bowl of the stadium for the season, with 2,300 seats to be filled in the upper bowl in 2024.  

Officials with the City of Sioux City indicated that the renovation has been needed.   

“We got a better product here for the people that are coming to watch the game,” said Matt Salvatore with the City of Sioux City. “So there hadn’t been anything in a while and I’d say over the past five to seven years we’ve made a huge dent on improvements at the ballpark and it’s a better product for everybody to enjoy the game of the field.”  

The seats will be ready for X’s fans to enjoy by the time the season begins in May.