SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — After a growing number of incidents requiring a police response, the Sioux City City Council is cracking down on so-called “After Hours” clubs.

Council members voted unanimously on Monday in support of an ordinance that would require these clubs to be licensed.

A club that is found in violation of the ordinance because of a nuisance and the owner of the property where the club operates would be guilty of a municipal infraction.

Mayor Pro-Tem Bob Scott said the ordinance would give authorities an enforcement guideline to follow.

“What we put in place wasn’t necessarily enforcement but at least some area of concerns that we think need to be addressed. An easier time enforcing what we have now because don’t really even define what it is so this is new territory for us,” said Scott.

Scott said the new language was developed after talking with another city in Iowa about how they came up with an After Hour police.