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A potential shake-up is in the works for management of two well known buildings downtown — the Tyson Events Center, and the Orpheum Theater. A decision is looming for whether management should be switched over from public to private, or if changes can be made from within to decrease deficit.

“At the end of the day all I really care about personally is the facilities we maintain, and our employees. For us — just being able to improve what our employees do — and make them feel like a part of the team, that’s a win regardless of which direction we go, and to make sure the buildings are utilized,” Erika Newton said.

If the decision is made to switch over to private management — it will fall into the hands of Spectra –a move Orpheum board member David Bernstein has already voted in favor of. 

“We really strongly feel two things — one is the resources they have stop with Sioux City because we’re an island with the way we’re run and with a private management company like Spectra, they would have the advantage of tapping into resources we don’t have now,” Bernstein said.

Some red flags are raising on if the city is prepared to make the best decision — or if they are looking for an alternative to not lose as much money as they are losing today. 

“We haven’t done our do diligence to understand if bringing in more shows which is the only promise of this out of state vendor is going to increase the deficit that Sioux City currently has, or decrease the deficit. And I don’t know that the tax payers in Sioux City really want to step up to pay an out of state firm more money to possibly have the city lose more of their tax dollars.” Earl Miller, Events and Facilities Advisory Board (EFAB) member said.

Whatever the outcome, Bernstein hopes the city can come together to make the best possible decision for everyone involved.

“At times, people need to make tough decisions. City council needs to make tough decisions all the time, the EFAB board needs to make a tough decision, and the Orpheum board needs to make a tough decision. In our case, the Orpheum board made the tough decision,” Bernstein said.

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