New law permits stun guns on Iowa public college campuses

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed a law on Thursday that makes it legal for students to carry stun guns on campus. Up until the governor signed this measure, weapons like stun guns, pellet guns, and tasers were banned on most Iowa public college campuses and universities.

Security workers like Curt Feichtner always kept an eye out for them.

“The college has over 500 cameras and camera views college-wide and we monitor all public areas of the college,” said Feichtner.

When the bill goes into effect July 1, students will be able to help him keep the campus safe now that Reynolds signed a law that would prohibit the restrictions of students carrying stun guns on campus.

Troy Jasman, vice president of Finance and Administrative Services at Western Iowa Tech, explained the position of the school on the new law. 

“Well, it’s a new state law and we follow all laws whether they’re local, federal or state, and we really have no issue with this. We view it as another avenue for students to have personal protection,” said Jasman.

Vincent Gollhofer, a student at Western Iowa Tech, agree with students using the extra measure to protect themselves.

“I feel that students should be allowed to carry them. I don’t carry them because I feel protected enough here but I don’t really have a problem with the use of a stun gun,” said Gollhofer. 

Some Western Iowa Tech students and staff believe the new law won’t affect the behavior of the students.

“I view it to a certain extent like pepper spray. It’s a personal protection device and that’s the way I view it, and I don’t really anticipate much of an impact at all on campus,” said Feichtner. 

While students will be allowed to carry stun guns on campus, Western Iowa Tech said there will be repercussions if students abuse the new privilege.

“A student has to be able to use it appropriately. The law does state that it must be used appropriately and if someone just wanted to use it inappropriately then there’s a repercussion for that,” said Jasman. 

The bill will allow colleges and universities to continue prohibiting stun guns in college stadiums and university-affiliated hospitals. 

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