SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed House Bill 756 back in April that gets rid of the need for a permit to buy a handgun or carry a concealed weapon. The new law goes into effect July 1.

“It’s giving back a constitutional right without having to pay for a permit. So in the state of Iowa now you have to have a permit to even buy a handgun, we never felt that was right. You should be able to come in and do a background check and leave that day with that gun,” says Chase Cejka, the owner of American Brothers in Arms.

And Cejka says the new law will lead to more background checks.

“When you come in and purchase a handgun without a, with a permit, we don’t run a background check. The permit is your background check in the state of Iowa. Now, we’ll be running background checks on people every time they buy a gun,” says Cejka.

Tim Grover says he’s concerned people won’t take gun training courses anymore because permits are no longer required.

“The responsibility doesn’t go away in the gun community to have a full understanding of the laws and how to actually utilize a firearm, especially in the defense of your life or somebody else,” says Tim Grover, the owner of Rev-Tac.

And the Sioux City Police Department is learning how to enforce the new law.

“The biggest thing that happens when any law changes is we get guidance from our legal department as far as what the new law states and how we enforce that law. So once the new law takes effect, we’ll receive our guidance and know when it’s legal and when it’s not legal to carry firearms,” says Sgt. Jeremy McClure of the Sioux City Police Department.

Making sure everyone is safe in Siouxland.

“If for some reason your life is in danger, whether it’s domestic abuse or something like that, you have the ability to defend yourself legally, instantly,” said Grover.

But with the new law comes stiffer penalties. Cejka told KCAU 9 News that if you sell a gun to someone that can’t own a gun, that is now a felony charge when it used to be a misdemeanor.