SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — New jobs and new choices for internet service will soon become available in Sioux City as Metronet begins construction.  

Sioux City residents and businesses will soon have the option to surf the web with “ultra-high-speed” internet through Metronet’s 100% fiber optic network, according to a release from the internet service provider.  

The release stated that construction has begun near Singing Hills Boulevard with the expectation to bring service to some residents by the end of 2022.  

“As our city continues to grow, it’s important for our residents and business to have choices in their service,” said Sioux City Mayor Bob Scott, “Metronet’s investment in our community will provide residents and businesses in Sioux City with additional options for broadband and internet access.”  

Interested residents can visit Metronet’s website and enter their home address to be notified of when service is available and find a plan to choose from. The release stated that Metronet trucks will be seen in some areas as they launch pre-construction activities.  

Pre-construction activities will include notifying residents by mail at least 30 days in advance about construction activity in their neighborhood. There will be additional postings, such as yard signs that will be provided to let residents know when they will start seeing construction in their neighborhood.  

“As Metronet begins construction on our 100% fiber optic network in Sioux City, residents and businesses are one step closer to having access to ultra-high-speed multi-gigabit internet in a time when access to faster and more reliable service is critical,” said Metronet CEO John Cinelli, “We are thrilled to provide Sioux City with a network that will support the community’s continued economic growth and development for years to come.”  

In addition to ultra-high-speed internet, Metronet will bring new jobs to the economy. Those interested in positions in local market management, sales and customer service professionals, and service technicians to support the Sioux City area can search for available positions and submit applications here.