There is new fallout Sunday, over what many have called, ‘racist remarks,’ recently by northwest Iowa Congressman Steve King.

The Iowa tourism office says, people are now cancelling vacations to the state, because of King’s comments, including some long-time attendees of Ragbrai.

The controversy began a week ago, when King tweeted a suggestion that Muslim children are preventing our civilization from being restored.

King saying that America can’t “restore our civilization with someone else’s babies.”

He followed up that tweet with a radio interview predicting a race war between blacks and Hispanics.

“When you start assessing the differences, then you end up with people who are at each other’s throats. And he’s adding up Hispanics and blacks people who he predicts will be in greater numbers than whites in America,” said King. “I will predict that the Hispanics and blacks will be fighting each other before that happens.”

David Bernstein, a Sioux City businessman who sits on the State Economic Development Board, had this to say about King.

“I think that sometimes elected officials, specifically Congressman King, don’t think of anything but themselves, when they make those bigoted comments,” said Berstein. “There’s a direct impact on the business of Iowa tourism.”

The Economic Development Board oversees the Iowa tourism office.