A brand new aquatic center is now officially open at Ponca State Park, and just in time for the heat of summer. 
“It came about mainly because our old pool had some issues that we had to deal with and they were the kind of issues that we really couldn’t fix and needed to replace that facility so that’s what got the conversation started,” says Jeff Fields, Superintendent at Ponca State Park. 
The aquatic center features a heated pool, 170-foot-long waterslide, climbing wall, diving board, splash area as well as a zero depth entry point. 
“We’re just happy to have the facility finally open,” says Forrest Kramer, aquatic center visitor. 
“I can imagine that with a facility like this, we’ll be getting kids from an hour and a half drive away easily,” says Clarice Boring, held fundraiser for aquatic center. 
“I think it’s just really cool that it’s open and a bunch of people can come from the community and swim and have a good time,” says Michaela Olson, aquatic center visitor. 
“Yeah we’re super excited for the community. There’s a lot of kids out here today so it’s kind of exciting,” says Grace Olson, aquatic center visitor. 
The $2.3 million project will be open every day from 12-6 p.m. with five lifeguards on duty at all times; and while you’re here, you don’t have to make the aquatic center your only stop of the day.
“While you’re here, there’s a lot of other things going on in the park; our outdoor education program, kayaking, a lot to make a whole day of it out here,” says Fields.