SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Over the past few years, Sioux City has seen a large number of apartment complexes constructed.

While the Sunnybrook neighborhood has seen rapid growth, older buildings are seeing new life in Downtown Sioux City and city officials said it’s a win-win.

“People like to be close to amenities such as restaurants, arts, entertainment, easily walkability. It’s just become a great option for people of all ages. Downtown Sioux City has seen a significant increase probably doubled or tripled in the last few years,” said Renae Billings, Economic Development Specialist with the City of Sioux City.

The Badgerow Flats is the newest apartment complex being constructed for downtown and city officials are confident it won’t be the last. 

“We have a lot of developers that are really interested in identifying buildings downtown that could be renovated into living units,” said Billings.

The Badgerow building has been around for roughly 100 years, housing a variety of businesses during it’s time. Now it will aid in downtown Sioux City’s growing life.

“We’re very lucky to have such a humongous building, like I said it’s 12 stories high, so we have the space to do some fun things,” said Susan Wells, the Regional Portfolio Manager with Seldin Company. 

The apartment complex is expected to have 70 1-bed 1-bath apartments that are roughly 700 square feet, but that’s not all they’ll have easy access to.

“Our residents are gonna be lucky enough to have a brand-new fitness center. There’s also a two-story restaurant space down on the first floor that we’re trying to lease, some commercial space, office space up towards the top floor,” said Wells.

With roughly 10 decades of history in the building, Wells said they plan to keep a majority of historical aspects.

“It’s a great feeling to be able to revitalize a building that’s been around a really long time. It would be horrible if we wouldn’t have been able to use this space, so the owner is very proud of it. I think the cities happy that we’re here, we’ve had a great reception from the city, the mayor, the chamber of commerce. We’re really excited to help revitalize Downtown Sioux City,” said Wells.

The construction of the Badgerow Flats started September of 2021 and are expected to be completed April 3, 2023.