SOUTH SIOUX CITY, Neb. (KCAU) — Nebraska lawmakers are discussing a bill that would change requirements making it easier for Nebraskans to conceal carry firearms.

Current Nebraska law said a person has to receive firearm training and get a permit before they’re able to conceal carry a gun. 

“I think this law enables them to carry conceal, do it legally, and do it with a degree of training,” said Chief Ed Mahon with the South Sioux City Police Department (SSCPD).

Chief Mahon said he’s pleased with the current conceal carry laws.

“Personally, I think it’s very good idea. I know officers are different, but officers have months of firearms training to be able to carry conceal and carry in duty, to be able to be proficient in firearms handling, safety as far as being accurate. So, in my personal opinion, I think that having to go to a firearms course is a good idea,” said Chief Mahon.

However, Legislative Bill 77 would allow new Nebraska gun owners to conceal carry firearms without a permit or training.

JT Grover, the owner of Rev-Tac Firearm Instruction, said the bill could help folks defend themselves quicker.

“I like to use the example in our classes where I say, ‘Hey listen, if my daughter, her boyfriend gets crazy all a sudden and she needs to protect herself from point A to point B. She doesn’t have to wait to schedule a class, go apply for a permit, wait 30 days for this to approved and then sent to her in the mail before she can defend herself,'” said Grover.

But while Grover sees the bill as beneficial for Nebraska gunowners, he worries some people will forgo firearm safety training.

“Not gonna lie, if you’re not required to do it, you probably aren’t gonna do it and people don’t know what they don’t know. Meaning people have this false sense of confidence that they have the ability to handle firearms safely,” said Grover.

Legislative Bill 77 has passed through the first consideration by Nebraska lawmakers, it still has to pass two more times before it becomes law.