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Nebraska State Senator Bob Krist visits Siouxland

Gubernatorial candidate holds press conference in South Sioux City

SOUTH SIOUX CITY, Nebraska - Nebraska State Senator Bob Krist, the democratic candidate for the Governor of Nebraska visited the Siouxland area holding press conferences in some Nebraskan cities.

The state senator's first stop was South Sioux City. At the conference, he said the state of Nebraska had dug itself into a hole in education and in property taxes, and that the state needs a new take on the issues to ensure the state's success.

"We have continued to think inside that box for so long that we have cut our way into an area that is very dangerous for education, very dangerous for our tax system," Krist said. "We need to get outside the box and start thinking of other alternatives."

Krist was also in Ponca, Hartington, and O'Neill earlier today. He faces incumbent Nebraska governor Pete Ricketts this November.

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