SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — The Chris D. Horton Legacy Sniper Competition brought people together in from all over Siouxland on Saturday to honor the army sniper who lost his life overseas.

Chris Horton, who lost his life in an ambush in Afghanistan, was honored just outside of Ponca by family, friends, and volunteers with Rev-Tech with a sniper competition in his memory. Members of the community shared fond memories of the lost soldier.

“Chris was such an amazing man,” said Jane Horton, Chris Horton’s wife, “He was a man of honor. He loved his country more than anyone I have ever met, and he loved being a sniper more than anything.”

“He was just an all-around good guy,” said Owner and Event Coordinator for Rev-Tech Tim Grover, “Our community is small and so I thought we could get together and just honor him every year, and this year we have 22 teams from all over the country ranging in all different branches and different operations. Tier one guys, the best of the best.”

Steve Brewer from the 2019 Champion team stated that it’s more than a competition and that it is a time for the sniper community to share information and participate in various types of shooting.

Jane Horton told KCAU 9 that she believes Chris Horton would have loved to see the sniper competition and everything that is being done for the community. She added that anyone who wants to know how they can help the community can reach out to Grover and he’ll provide further information.