Nebraska schools regulate sunscreen usage for students

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SOUTH SIOUX CITY, Neb. (KCAU) – Sunscreen is a big part of the summer season and even during the school year. There are plenty of fields trips and occasions that call for skin protection. However, some schools in Nebraska are now requiring a permission slip to put sunscreen on kids. 

This is due to sunscreen being regulated by the FDA. It is considered an over the counter medication like Tylenol or cough medicine. Its why many schools throughout Nebraska are now treating SPF the same way ibuprofen is administered to students. 

“I think it is absolutely ridiculous that schools tell you you can’t bring sunscreen. I think it should be a thing schools have in place. They shouldn’t limit kids from putting sunscreen on,” said mother Tiera Moora.

Tiera Moora has two children in the South Sioux City school district. She is very adamant about protecting her two daughters from the sun. 

‘When I went to school, we had to bring sunscreen. I went to school in Minneapolis, if we didn’t have sunscreen we couldn’t go outside,” said  Moora ​​​​​​.

Right now, the South Sioux City administration does not have any regulations or policies regulating how students use sunscreen at school.

“Parents are permitted to send it with their students and many do on days like track and field days, or if they are going to an outdoor field trip and students are allowed to bring that with them and apply it if they wish to,” said Rebecca Eckhardt, director of student services.

However, some Nebraska schools are now requiring parents to provide a signed permission slip or doctors note before they can use SPF. 

“Again, it still remains the individual decision of each school district so there is no mandate that I am aware of that will require us to do one thing or another,” said Eckhardt.

It’s not just an issue in Nebraska, several states are implementing similar policies. Its why the American Society for Dermatological Surgery is promoting a federal bill that would allow students everywhere to use sunscreen at school without a medical note. 

“Kid are so susceptible to the sunlight and their skin burns os much easier even babies you have to keep it going because they burn so much easier than adults do so sunscreen is just so important to use,” said Moora.

The Nebraska Department of Education will release a sunscreen guidance document in August, giving schools across the state options for sunscreen policies. South Sioux City School administrators say they will revisit their sunscreen policy at that time. 

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