WAKEFIELD, Neb. (KCAU) — A Nebraska community is seeing consistent growth over the years, adding to the need for housing.

The community of Wakefield, Neb., held a ribbon cutting Wednesday for three housing projects that are completed or in the works.

“Over a decade ago, our city leaders recognized the need for more housing,” Megan Weaver with Wakefield Progressive Inc., a local economic development organization, said. “We had a short period where new buildings were made maybe once every three years, and that’s one single-family housing, so we were really behind the curve on available housing.”

The “Wakefield Housing Project” has built and reconstructed multiple new apartment complexes and a triplex for hundreds of new residents to live in. Currently, one of the apartment buildings has been completed and is already full.

Weaver said the project has already brought interest to Wakefield.

“I think this project with the size of it has had a significant impact on the community. It helped with some overcrowding issues that we had in some of our other units, plus again it has drawn in some new residents to Wakefield,” Weaver said.

Not only are businesses seeing new faces walk in their doors but also the Wakefield community school.

“It’s growing. They’re getting ready to look at a school bond to add on to the school because they got that much need for more classrooms,” said Chris Rasmussen with the Nebraska Department of Economic Development.

Weaver said that after the apartment complexes are completed, the community hopes to build many single-family homes in the near future.