Native Youth Standing Strong teaches about traditional medicines at Cook Park

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – A local organization spent a day in Cook Park to teach younger people about traditional medicines.

Organizers with the group, Native Youth Standing Strong, said it’s important for young people to learn about Native American traditions and cultures.

Herbs and other plants have been used for hundreds of years by local tribes, and a member with the event said there’s a spiritual element as well as medical.

“When we think about the coronavirus, we try to apply a holistic approach to what we do. For instance, the sage that I’m holding, we burn it and we smudge ourselves, our homes, and we have different roots that we also boil to make tea which helps our immune system,” said Native Youth Standing Strong Boardmember Daniel Bearshield.

After the presentation, sage was given to both youth and elders who were present.

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