SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Many airports and airlines around the country are suffering from staff shortages and this is having a bit of an effect in Sioux City.

Here in Sioux City, the Sioux Gateway is seeing a reduction of flights as a result according to Mike Collett.

Collett said that the sudden increase in demand post-pandemic after almost no demand has led to many in the industry leaving and companies struggling to hire.

“It definitely impacts us, as far as the future outlook for the airlines because if they have less pilots, they have less aircraft in the air so they would like o put people on larger aircraft if they had to just because limited resources so it does impact us that way but thankfully we still have two flights a day,” said Collett.

Collett said that the Sioux Gateway has not had trouble maintaining its staff and the airport board continues to look for ways to increase service.