MOVILLE, Iowa (KCAU) — Carl Sagan once said, “You have to know the past to understand the present” and that goes for small towns, too.

The Moville Historical Society announced at a lunch fundraiser over the weekend that the Security National Bank building had been donated to them.

They told attendees that their plans for the building are to use it for a new museum.

As of now, the Historical Society has a few displays at the senior center.

With the big news, people have been bringing things forward to fill the new museum.

“People are giving us things from Moville’s past, meaning photographs, clothing, three-dimensional artifacts, things that everybody had in their home or in their business that shows the history and story of Moville,” Grace Linden said.

Security National Bank is constructing a new building in Moville. Once that building is completed this summer, the museum can begin to move in.