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The winter months are not always the ones that keep us moving. We often resort to staying at home and enjoying the warmth of our home. Not a bad plan unless you made plans to kick your workout off right this year. Turns out there is plenty of ways to still keep you going despite the snow and cold.

How about snowshoeing?

“You are working muscles that you don’t normally work and that’s why it’s a great cross training activity,” Devon Gurnett, wellness specialist at Mercy Medical said. “Snow is a little bit deeper you don’t sink as much with snow shoes but you still need to bring those quads up to get out of the snow.

At least four inches of snow are needed to effectively snow shoe and apart from the exercise you also get to enjoy nature on a nice long walk. If you are interested in shoeing in Siouxland, the Pecaut Nature Center offer classes and also rents our their snowshoes.

One of the more popular ones and well knows activities is ice skating. You can rent skates at your local rink or simply bring your own. It’s a great way to mix up your workout routine since you are utilizing muscles you don’t normally use. It’s easy on the joints and help improve balance as well.

A more skill based activity is cross country skiing. Not only is it a Olympic discipline but it’s also one of the most popular winter sport activities for amateurs.

“Cross country skiers are some of the most fit people in the world,” Gurnett said. “You go for such long distances, it’s a whole body workout not many things can much that aspect of whole body.

After all however, all of these workouts give your body an important break in your regular workout routine.

“Change up your fitness routine add a little bit of cross training and still have fun at the same time,” Gurnett said.

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