Motorcyclist rides across country to bring attention to diabetes

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Rex Covington stands out wherever he goes.

“The No. 1 question I get is, ‘Do you sleep in this?’ and yes, I do. I do sleep in this. I get in a hotel about every other week, but most of the time, I’m sleeping in this camper.”

This camper is in reality a tiny trailer.

“It’s actually working out pretty good,” he explained. “It has a really good mattress in it, and I became comfortable with it. If you were claustrophobic, there’s no way you’d be able to sleep in it.”

For the last two months, he’s been riding his bike all across the country. Just 11 years ago, Rex learned his son, Chris, had Type 1 Diabetes. Just three years ago, Chris died.

“Last January, I had this dream that I was riding around the country for one whole year, raising awareness and funds for diabetes,” said Covington.

That’s what inspired him to hit the road, but that road has been difficult.

“I would like to see it go faster, and I’d like to see a sponsor or two, at least to help with the maintenance on the bike because I’ve broken down already three times,” he said.

His goal is to raise $90,000 for diabetes research. So far, though, he’s gotten just a little over $5,000.

But he’ll continue to tough it out because he knows what a difference it can make. 

“Everyone has a story that they have a friend or relative or someone they know who has diabetes, and that actually keeps me going.”

Anyone who wants to check out Rex’s journey can do so through his blog or YouTube channel. There, you can also learn about making donations for diabetes research. 

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