Motivational signs posted in Siouxland yards spark movement

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – What started out as a small motivational project has turned in to message with so many purposes.

You may have noticed black and white yard signs around Sioux City that have some inspiring phrases on them.

Now more of these encouraging signs are popping up around Siouxland thanks to a group of motivators who brought the idea to town

Shelli Rawson, one of the organizers of the movement explained how the idea came to her.

“It was like in some other state and they said it took over all these other countries. So I have a friend who owns a copy company and so, she donated a hundred signs and then she gave the rest to us at cost,” said Rawson.

The hashtag #YouMatterSiouxland Facebook group encouraged the community to get involved in inspiring more people to fight against depression.

“People want to help but don’t always know how and this is simple. If somebody is struggling and they’re thinking about hurting themselves and they see the sign, and they’ll be like wow, I matter. I’m loved and my mistakes don’t define me,” said Rawson.

The message is being shared at businesses, in front yards, and at local high schools because of the impact the community.

“Ellie and I kind of have been the main students involved with this you matter movement. This is very important to us because we both have people very close to us that have issues with suicide, depression, and anxiety. We just advocate for right especially at the student level,” said Rawson.

The group plans to donate the money raised in the #youmattermovement for suicide prevention during the walk-in September.

There are also plans for a football game at East High School for suicide prevention.

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