SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCA)– Early Saturday, former Morningside University President John Reynders and his wife Robin returned to Sioux City for a dedication ceremony in their honor.

Since 2020, Morningside officials have been hard at work constructing the ‘Reynders Plaza’ near the entryway to the university, named after John and Robin Reynders. The plaza not only serves as a new entrance for students, but also as a way to honor the Reynders and what they did for the campus for over 23 years.

“We like to think that we built a really solid foundation for a great university here, and now under doctor mosley leadership and continued to have a fabulous staff, a great faculty. We’re just very confident Morningside’s just going to continue to flourish in the decades ahead, and I think that makes both of us feel really really good,”

Morningside spent $1.3million on the plaza, a new arch way, and a remodel of the Lewis Hall Lobby.