SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — The number of vaccinated Siouxlanders is growing, thanks to a budding partnership.

“Actually, it was a very smooth process. We’ll feel much more protected and so we’re happy that we can do our part,” Mavis Anema said.

Together, Drilling Pharmacy and Morningside nursing students vaccinated Tier 1A, 1B, and anyone under the age of 64 with chronic conditions.

“It’s been a great opportunity to see them use their skills that they’re learning and to be able to get more vaccines in arms,” pharmacy manager Christina Plautz said.

“We are very fortunate to have in-person classes, so to actually be here physically with the patient to nurse interaction, gives us really great experience moving forward in our health care profession,” said student nurse Amanda Ward.

Almost 600 people were vaccinated on Friday. That’s roughly one vaccination per minute.

“I think it would be awesome if everyone could get the vaccine, and if we could keep moving towards that, that would be such a great feeling that everyone could be protected,” Morningside student nurse Maggie Barten said.

Students volunteered their time and distributed doses at the Sioux City Public Library, helping the Drilling Pharmacy staff vaccinate more people efficiently.

“It’s an awesome feeling, I just really enjoy being able to help others, being able to get everyone their vaccine, and getting them more comfortable going back out into the world,” Barten said.

All doses administered Friday were the two shot Pfizer vaccines.

This was the second time the students have been asked to help vaccinate the public. Nursing students plan on tackling more vaccine clinics with Drilling Pharmacy next week.