Morningside student showcases seven of his plays

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – A Morningside College student wrote seven short plays during his time in college.  On Sunday that senior, with the help of his classmates shared them all for his senior project. 

“It’s so nerve-wracking. It’s your baby it’s your child I’ve worked so long on these it feels like, and giving it to somebody else and letting them have your free will and discretion to use your words,” said Brock Bourek the playwright. 

Brock Bourek has spent his 4 years at Morningside college mastering his craft.

“My whole thing about coming to Morningside and being a student is that I wanted to be diverse in everything. I didn’t want to focus on just one thing I wanted to learn it all,” said Bourek. 

Not only did Bourek act in over 10 plays he also wrote 7 short plays while in college On Sunday 15 classmates helped to make those plays come to life.

“He knows how to bring big ideas and have fun with them and so I’m sure it will be something that is always present in his work,” said Engels Perez, a fellow classmate. 

The goal of his series is to show his audience the connections between characters, including the lack of understanding of one another. 

“The hardest thing about theater is that there is so much research that goes into it. Whether you are an actor a director or playwright you have to be able to research things that are factual and you also have to make sure you are researching how to react to things and how other people will react to them as well,” said Bourek. 

“He has that ability to be a leader and it’s something we will miss here in Morningside when he graduates but I’m sure it will help him in his career being an actor, director, a writer,” said Perez. 

Bourek says he is currently applying to many theater jobs and hopes to publish some of his plays post-graduation.

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