SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — A new president was inaugurated at Morningside university today and at the inauguration, students performed an unusual ritual.

Morningside students got the privilege to shower president Dr. Albert Mosley with beans. The “bean shower” tradition dates back to 1911 when a handful of students decided to prank a member of the faculty. It’s now used to celebrate a new president. Mosley told us he appreciates how the university balances the past, present, and future.

“Morningside has always been great at not simply resting on its laurels. While we celebrate our history, we celebrate our past, we also constantly keep our eyes constantly focused on where we’re going and how we can respond to not only current needs but future needs,” Mosley said.

The last “bean shower” was 23 years ago when John Rynders was inaugurated as the university’s 12th president. A member of the student government said it took a lot of effort to pull off the inauguration celebration events for Mosley.

“It was so special, I mean just the weeks leading up to this planning. To be able to pull it off today which I think with great results, it means a lot to me because it’s something more to me than just myself to being part of that rich history that we have at morningside.” said student body president caleb lobbers

An investiture service was held this morning to formally honor him as president. The inauguration celebration was held for 2 days.