Morningside first-year advisor fills vacant Sioux City Council seat

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At just 30 years old, Alex Watters will become the newest Sioux City council member. 

“I really hope I do well by the people of Sioux City because I really see this not as a decision made by the city council and the Mayor but they’re trusting me,’ says Alex Watters. 

Watters has lived in Sioux City for four years and has become more involved in local non-profits and boards. He says the ability to make a difference drove him to apply for the vacant seat. 

“I’m excited about some of the projects that we’re doing and I want to continue that momentum and continue that progress and I think that starts with young professionals serving in these capacities,” says Watters. 

Many of the other members on City Council are above the age of 60. Despite Alex being around 30 years younger than the rest of his counterparts, it’s a mutual feeling that it will aid in the decision-making process by adding some diversity. 

“I think it will be really nice having a different perspective to voice some of those changes or a different way to look at things,’ says Watters. 

“I think it will complement what we have. I like to think I still think as a young person but I think he’ll bring a lot of good ideas to the table,’ says Sioux City Council Member Dan Moore. 

Moore also says Watters was chosen for his charisma, creativity, energy and enthusiasm for inspiring change for Sioux City, and his co-workers at Morningside feel he is a perfect fit for the position. 

“As an employee at Morningside College, Alex has done a great job of advocating for our students and advocating for our college and really getting in the community and making a great name for us so I think he’s going to do exactly the same thing for the city and I’m really excited about the direction he might be able to take us in,” says Stacie Hays, Alex’s co-worker at Morningside. 

“I think it’s really cool that he is on City Council now. It just kind of shows that he’s not just involved in Morningside college but he’s also involved in the community as well and he’s perfect for the position. It’s cool,” says Kayla Kirchhoff, Morningside student. 

Watters will be sworn in to City Council on Monday, February 27th and will serve through December 31st of this year. 

“I’m grateful for the opportunity. I’m grateful that the council members trust me to join them and this fight to really make our city as vibrant as it can be,” says Watters. 


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