SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Kids in costumes and their parents waited in lines to grab some early Halloween candy at the Tyson Events Center’s annual Trick or Treat on Thursday.

Local businesses lined the arena bowl making sure there was no shortage of sugar as kids of all shapes and sizes came begging.

Along with candy, the event also offers a climate-controlled environment.

“So, I think having a large indoor trick-or-treat of this magnitude is really great for parents and kids alike. Gives you another chance to wear your Halloween costume, also being indoors having that climate control. Obviously, the lights it’s kind of a safety issue as well sometimes when we run in to trick-or-treating so really nice to be able to offer it indoors to kids,” Director of Marketing Emily Vondrak said.

Around 40 businesses handed out treats to a crowd of more than a thousand kids.