SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Election night is now officially a week away for Siouxlanders and some things Iowa voters may see are ballot measures for school bonds.

Rock Valley Community School District has announced that residents will vote on whether a bond issue should exceed $25 million.

The bond would allow the district to build an addition to the current high school building.

Superintendent Matt VanVoorst states that the last updates and additions completed in the district were back in the early 2000s. He noted that the district has grown and needs more space.

According to VanVoorst, this is the third time the school bond has been brought before voters for approval and he hopes it will pass this time. It needs 60% of residents to vote “yes” for it to pass.

Another school district that has an issue on the ballot is the West Lyon Community School District.

The issue asks residents to approve over $19.8 million for the school district. If approved, the funds would then be used to build, furnish, and equip educational facility additions including a 700-seat auditorium, classroom additions, and remodeling and improvements inside the building.

The West Lyon School District has not seen major updates since it was built in 1967.