SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — The Sioux City Animal Adoption and Rescue Center has reported that it is overcapacity with animals.

In a Facebook post, the center states that they have more animals than kennels in the facility. Workers state that the center is housing 72 dogs and 70 cats which is more than the number of kennels in the center.

The center manager told KCAU 9 that many of the rescued cats are pregnant is adding to the issue.

“The animals that we’re getting we’re seeing from the COVID situation where a lot of people got a pet for COVID and then they had it at home. And then everybody went back to work and with the economy being so poor, dog food prices, veterinary prices have sky-rocketed and people can’t afford it so therefore they’re dropping them off or they’re turning them loose and they just don’t want them anymore,” Rarrat said.

The center is urging people to come over to adopt the animals there. To see some of the furry friends that are available for adoption, click here.